Single & Single Whisky

Single & Single whisky is an independent whisky bottler, constantly looking for special single malt casks to be bottled in limited numbers under the Single & Single brand.


I know you want to buy two of each for your single malt collection but unfortunately, that will not be possible. The Glencadam 16yo and Bunnahabhain 31yo are sold out. We still have few cases of the Bowmore 8yo and the newly introduced Ben Nevis 21yo.

Just a word about our bottlings for 2018 onwards – they will always be sherry cask, single cask, cask strength and a limited bottling. If you have a cask that you wish us to consider please get in touch.

Articles about Single & Single:

Single & Single Ben Nevis 21 Years old Single Malt Whisky

Single & Single Ben Nevis 21yo

Ben Nevis 21 Years old, Sherry cask, Single cask, Cask strength. The malt distilled in 1996 and bottled by us in 2017.

Only 499 bottles were produced. This expression is clearly vey special. The colour is very dark with dark fruits on the nose and the palate. This is a must (!) malt for the lovers of heavily sherry cask and Highland whisky. Spectacular.

Sherry Cask, Single Cask
Year of bottling: 2017
Alcohol Volume: 52.8%
Bottle Volume: 750ml
Bottles Produced: 499

‘Heavily sherried (but not overly). Dark chocolate; black current; polished wood and some obvious Christmas cake notes. This is an excellent whisky.’

Single & Single Glencadam 16yo Single Malt Whisky

Single & Single Glencadam 16yo


The Glencadam 1991 is an extraordinary 16-year-old Highlands single malt with a sophisticated and gentle taste profile. It is a limited release of only 3 840 limited bottles, numbered individually.

This Glencadam 1991 has a most attractive bouquet of vanilla, mandarin and a hint of caramelised ginger. On the palate, it is full and rich with a pronounced malty sweetness with a touch of cloves and butterscotch.

Year of bottling: 2007
Alcohol Volume: 46%
Bottle Volume: 750ml
Bottles Produced: 3840

‘A firm, long finish that lingers impressively.’


Whisky Bible 2011 by Jim Murray

Scores: 81.5, n21, t21.5, f19, b20

“Decent barley sharpness but elsewhere there is a constant drone of caramel like bagpipes at a haggis convention.” – Jim Murray


Single & Single Bowmore 8yo Single Malt Whisky

Single & Single Bowmore 8yo

MSP_4355The Bowmore 8 years old is a classic Islay single malt. It’s young, robust and assertive in nature with a deep peaty aftertaste. This Bowmore 2000 comes individually numbered as one of 890 bottles released worldwide.

Seaspray and wet tar combine with a hint of bitter lemon. The peat is fresh and eager, bursting with sweet smoke and vanilla.

Year of bottling: 2008
Alcohol Volume: 46%
Bottle Volume: 750ml & 700ml
Bottles Produced: 890

‘This young bowmore has plenty of vigour and considerable panache on the finish.’


Whisky Bible 2011 by Jim Murray

Scores: 81.5, n21.5, t22, f18, b20

“Stereotypical, decent quality, young-ish peated Islay early on, but then let down on the finish. Almost Caol Ila-esque in its early, lightly oiled, approach.” – Jim Murray


Single & Single Bunnahabain 31yo Single Malt Whisky

Single & Single Bunnahabhain 31yo

MSP_4360The Bunnahabhain 1976 is the golden cherry on the top. This dapper 31-year-old Islay single malt is confident and refined; luxuriously thick and smooth. In fact, we wouldn’t blame you if you kept it safely hidden in a false-bottomed cabinet. It is a limited release special edition and is 1 of only 560 individually numbered bottles worldwide.

Remarkably fresh on the palate, with a clean attack of intense honeycomb emerging through the dense maltiness. A refreshing tang of brininess, interwoven with sweet cinnamon, delivers a long, luxurious finish.

Sherry Cask
Year of bottling: 2008
Alcohol Volume: 47.1%
Bottle Volume: 750ml & 700ml
Bottles Produced: 560

‘An exciting whisky enjoying its senior years with effortless grace’

Whisky Bible 2011 by Jim Murray

Scores: 94.5, n23.5, t24, f23.5, b23.5

“Cask no. 592 (94.5) n23.5 on of those noses where the many varied fruit, spice and malt elements merge into a single, delicious, soup… which has been lightly seasoned…; t24 the delivery is also a case of dazzling bitter-sweet notes breasting the tape together; no overall victor though the spices work particularly well, while the malt appears to absorb a pruney fruitness easily; f23.5 long, date and walnut cake and a late sprinkle of salt; b23.5 Bunna has long held a special place in my heart and when you taste this you’ll discover why its malt was quite so special during the early and mid 80s. The question is: in 31 years time, is it likely you will find a Bunna of this quality emptied from a sherry butt?” – Jim Murray



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