Single & Single Bunnahabain 31yo Single Malt Whisky

Single & Single Bunnahabhain 31yo

MSP_4360The Bunnahabhain 1976 is the golden cherry on the top. This dapper 31-year-old Islay single malt is confident and refined; luxuriously thick and smooth. In fact, we wouldn’t blame you if you kept it safely hidden in a false-bottomed cabinet. It is a limited release special edition and is 1 of only 560 individually numbered bottles worldwide.

Remarkably fresh on the palate, with a clean attack of intense honeycomb emerging through the dense maltiness. A refreshing tang of brininess, interwoven with sweet cinnamon, delivers a long, luxurious finish.

Sherry Cask
Year of bottling: 2008
Alcohol Volume: 47.1%
Bottle Volume: 750ml & 700ml
Bottles Produced: 560

‘An exciting whisky enjoying its senior years with effortless grace’

Whisky Bible 2011 by Jim Murray

Scores: 94.5, n23.5, t24, f23.5, b23.5

“Cask no. 592 (94.5) n23.5 on of those noses where the many varied fruit, spice and malt elements merge into a single, delicious, soup… which has been lightly seasoned…; t24 the delivery is also a case of dazzling bitter-sweet notes breasting the tape together; no overall victor though the spices work particularly well, while the malt appears to absorb a pruney fruitness easily; f23.5 long, date and walnut cake and a late sprinkle of salt; b23.5 Bunna has long held a special place in my heart and when you taste this you’ll discover why its malt was quite so special during the early and mid 80s. The question is: in 31 years time, is it likely you will find a Bunna of this quality emptied from a sherry butt?” – Jim Murray



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